Reflections from the Community

I am so grateful to have had Alexis as my attorney. She represented me after I had been involved in a serious car crash and obtained a stellar settlement for me. Throughout the litigation process, Alexis demonstrated an impressive level of dedication, diligence, and fearlessness—from every meeting, to every deposition, and during negotiations. Alexis really treated me like a close girlfriend and took great care of me. Alexis listened and put me at ease during one of the most stressful times of my life, and kept me updated so I was never wondering what was going on with my case. In my prior life, I also practiced law and worked as a Corporate Litigator at a prestigious international firm. Because of this experience, I may have a more critical eye than most. As I watched Alexis litigate my own case, I was 100% confident in her skills and professionalism. I especially noticed how beautifully she handled her interactions with the other side’s attorneys. She was tactful and warm but always represented my best interest and fought hard for a great result. Alexis is an excellent attorney, a strong negotiator, and a trustworthy confidante. Her future clients will be lucky to have her!

Anonymous Client, TV Show Host/Published Author

Alexis is one of the most naturally gifted advocates I have met. Her personality makes her a pleasure to work with, and allows her to build great working relationships with virtually any lawyer. She owns the room the minute she enters. She is a tireless fighter, but also understands that sometimes a smile can achieve a better result than a scowl.

John Henry, Esq., Chief Deputy District Attorney at Riverside County’s District Attorney’s Office

I worked alongside Alexis for several years and have a deep respect for her attention to detail, courageous advocacy, and the empathy she shows to each and every client. She critically reads and analyzes every medical record and document produced in her cases and works tirelessly to make sure that no stone goes unturned. Her work ethic and legal research and writing skills, combined with her natural charisma and magnetism make her truly one of a kind in the courtroom. She consistently and humbly out-performs teams of senior and partner level attorneys with decades more experience. Alexis’ skills and steadfast integrity have earned her an excellent reputation with judges and mediators. She is well-respected in the community —a sought-after speaker and rising leader in multiple professional organizations. I would trust Alexis with my own case, or the case of a close friend or family member. She has the knowledge, skills, integrity, and compassion to protect injured individuals and help them obtain the justice they deserve.

Randi Thompson, Esq., fellow plaintiffs’ attorney

Alexis is one of the best lawyers that you hope you’ll never need. Her attention to detail and compassion for the clients she represents in the fields of personal injury and employment law translates into the best possible results for her clients. Her trial advocacy and litigation experience throughout her career enables her to understand the best strategy to successfully resolve her cases while always keeping the best interests of her clients at heart. I would trust her with legal matters of my own friends and family and that says it all.

Joshua Cohen Slatkin, Esq., fellow plaintiffs’ attorney

While Alexis is a fierce and dedicated advocate for her clients, what truly sets her apart is how she selflessly takes the time to mentor and guide young attorneys, especially women. Alexis has never been afraid to demand her seat at the table and always makes sure that she continues to support and uplift her female colleagues. I know Alexis is someone I can always rely on to give me advice and guidance, and is never too busy to lend a helping hand. She’s a force in the legal community, and what she can achieve is truly limitless.

Stephanie Grimaldi, Esq., fellow plaintiffs’ attorney and alumna of the Byrne Trial Advocacy Team

Alexis Gamliel possesses the qualities that every client hopes to find in a great trial lawyer. With her clients, she is a compassionate and dedicated advisor who listens carefully and communicates thoughtfully. But when it’s time to represent that client in court, she’s also got the tenacity and the talent required to persuade any judge or jury. She is well respected by her fellow lawyers and well-liked by all. Because of those qualities, I would recommend her highly to anyone looking for top-notch representation.

Susan Poehls, Esq., Loyola Law School’s Director of Trial Advocacy Programs and William C. Hobbs Professor of Trial Advocacy

I’ve worked with Alexis for almost five years, and here is what I can say about her: She is a straightforward, caring, and aggressive advocate for her clients. She is a savvy litigator that I would trust to represent any family member or friend. Alexis also knows just about every lawyer in the community, and her outreach and relationships go a long way for her clients.

Daniel DeSantis, Esq., fellow plaintiffs’ attorney

Over the years, I have mediated multiple cases with Alexis. I am consistently impressed while watching Alexis handle her cases, her clients, and the negotiations process. Without exception, she is completely prepared for each mediation—and, based on her detailed understanding of the facts and law at issue, is equally prepared to take each matter to trial. This allows Alexis to be an excellent advocate for her clients, while still bringing a practical approach to resolving each action she handles. All of these qualities make it clear to the neutral observer that she is seeking to obtain, and does obtain, the best possible results for her clients.

Anonymous Mediator

I’ve known Alexis since the very start of her legal career. She got her law degree with a very clear purpose—to seek justice. She remains tenacious in her pursuit of that goal, meticulous in her approach to each case, and compassionate about her clients. As a lawyer myself, I cannot count the number of times I’ve sought Alexis’s professional advice on everything from nuanced legal arguments to broader trial strategy. You will undoubtedly read countless rave reviews about Alexis’s drive and passion for her clients. I’m here to tell you: I’ve seen her in action and she has the chops to back it up.

Amy Bailey, Esq., Deputy District Attorney, Contra Costa County

We cannot say enough about Alexis. My staff and I truly enjoy working with her and we appreciate how she gives her clients such personal attention and really cares how things turn out for them. Alexis is very responsive, detailed, and does an amazing job explaining the process to her clients. They love her!

Traci Kaas, CeFT®, CSSC, CMSP, Certified Structured Settlement Consultant and President of Kaas Settlement Consulting

I have known Alexis for many years and I cannot say enough about her. She’s smart, engaged, responsive, and tenacious. These traits make Alexis the “go-to” plaintiff’s attorney in all facets. Alexis is a community leader. She has reached out and made many connections in the legal community–judges, fellow attorneys, lawmakers. On the Consumer Attorneys of California New Lawyers Division Board, Alexis was almost always the first to respond to emails and initiate action. As Chair of the New Lawyers Division Board, I was consistently impressed with her engagement. Alexis has my full recommendation as a powerful and effective legal advocate.

Douglas Brewer, Esq., fellow plaintiffs’ attorney and board member on the Consumer Attorneys of California (CAOC) New Lawyers Division Board

As a Partner at an AmLaw 50 international law firm, I can attest to Alexis’s unmatched work ethic, impeccable writing skills, and the grit and compassion she exhibits in her law practice. She is a formidable litigator and a real force in the plaintiffs’ bar.

Anonymous Defense Attorney  

Alexis has always gone above and beyond when it comes to being an advocate for her clients.  Not only is she well-versed in litigation and trial skills, she consistently makes herself available to contribute to the legal community in meaningful ways—such as serving on important city, state, and national Plaintiff boards to further the cause of fighting for justice.

Kristine Gallo, Law Firm Executive Director and Marketing Professional

Alexis and I work together closely on the Board of Directors for the Downtown Los Angeles Bar Association. She is a pleasure to work with and is a reliable, prepared, and enthusiastic colleague. I enjoy working with her and I am confident her clients receive the same level of focus and dedication she demonstrates in the work we do together.

Max Gavron, Esq., Past President of the Downtown Los Angeles Bar Association (DTLABA) and fellow plaintiffs’ attorney

Sina Rezvanpour, Esq.,
fellow plaintiffs’ attorney and co-counsel

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