Practice Areas

Gamliel Law is an elite litigation firm focusing on personal injury, wrongful death, and employment matters.

Personal Injury

Gamliel Law represents people who have suffered serious injuries due to others’ negligence or bad decisions. Alexis Gamliel holds individuals and companies responsible for the harm they cause.

Gamliel Law represents clients in all types of catastrophic personal injury cases, including those arising from: auto vs. auto collisions; auto vs. pedestrian incidents; auto vs. bicycle collisions; trip-and-fall incidents; slip-and-fall incidents; other premises liability matters; and various other incidents.


For the entirety of her career, Alexis Gamliel has litigated these types of cases and has obtained millions of dollars on behalf of injured clients. She is no stranger to going up against defense teams with unlimited budgets and robust resources; in fact, she welcomes this familiar challenge. She has litigated countless personal injury matters from start to finish, has taken extensive depositions, and has tried multiple cases to verdict. When interfacing with defense attorneys and insurance representatives, Alexis brings the sophistication and preparation of a “Big Law” defense lawyer—but with the heart of a plaintiffs’ lawyer. She handles her cases with a strategic and tactical approach informed by her litigation experience. Still, Alexis knows each and every case is unique, and she advocates from a place of empathy.


Gamliel Law offers aggressive representation while serving as a guiding light for clients navigating the choppy waters of a traumatic injury. As the daughter of a surgeon, Alexis Gamliel understands how certain physical injuries can change the entire trajectory of a person’s life. She approaches her clients’ cases with a real sense of compassion, as well as an appreciation of her clients’ feelings of uncertainty. In the aftermath of a horrific incident, an injured individual may feel inundated by rising medical bills, lost wages due to the inability to work, and overwhelming pain and suffering. Gamliel Law is committed to protecting the rights of the injured and will push for maximum compensation for their damages.

Employment Law

Alexis Gamliel fights tooth and nail to hold wrongdoers accountable. That ferocity extends to the realm of employment law.

Gamliel Law has a particular affinity for handling employment matters. When an employer tramples on an employee’s basic rights to be free from discrimination, harassment, and other types of wrongdoing, Alexis Gamliel takes that seriously. When workers are unlawfully harassed, suspended, demoted, or terminated, Gamliel Law faces the fire. Alexis has experience litigating against large corporations and understands the power dynamics of insurance companies, business decision makers, and other key players. She utilizes this insight and puts in the work to optimize her clients’ outcomes.


Alexis Gamliel is well-versed in representing loyal employees who have been cast aside, treated like damaged goods, or otherwise wronged in the workplace—for unlawful reasons. Through her practice, Alexis stands up for the rights of women subjected to gender discrimination and pregnancy discrimination, mothers who have been wrongfully terminated for taking protected maternity leave or family leave, and individuals who have been forced to endure sexual harassment or a hostile work environment. Alexis prosecutes and litigates a diverse array of employment claims, including:

  • wrongful termination; 
  • gender discrimination;
  • pregnancy discrimination;
  • sexual harassment and hostile work environment; 
  • disability discrimination;
  • religious discrimination;
  • racial discrimination;
  • age discrimination;
  • whistleblower retaliation; and
  • various other types of employment claims.

Alexis Gamliel recognizes that an employer’s actions can yield grave consequences for an employee who has been wronged. When an employer wrongfully terminates an employee, for example, that employee may suffer palpable emotional harm, such as stomach-churning stress and heart-sinking pain. Many times, the loss of a job or a career can create a feeling that life is spinning out of control. Gamliel Law knows it’s not just about lost wages. It’s about dignity. That’s why Alexis strives to handle each employment matter with a heartfelt level of sensitivity for her client and a razor-sharp approach to holding bad actors responsible.


Clients can trust Gamliel Law to provide vigorous representation across various stages in the fight for justice—from pre-litigation settlement negotiations, to litigation, to trial.

Wrongful Death

Alexis Gamliel is all too familiar with the devastating loss of a family member. Gamliel Law seeks justice for families forced to reckon with the loss of a loved one caused by someone else’s negligence.

Death is a natural part of life, but when an individual or a business acts carelessly and causes a person’s sudden and unexpected passing, Gamliel Law serves as a voice for those left behind to suffer that unfathomable loss. Alexis Gamliel represents husbands who have lost a wife, daughters left motherless, parents forced to say goodbye to their children far too soon, and others stripped of the love and life of family they hold dear. Although nothing can bring that person back—and dollars and cents cannot possibly quantify the magnitude of human loss—Alexis uses her litigation skills to bring those in mourning the maximum compensation available under the law. Generally, in California, plaintiffs in wrongful death cases are entitled to compensation for the loss of financial support that the decedent would have contributed to the family, the loss of gifts or benefits the plaintiffs would have expected to receive from the decedent, funeral and burial expenses, and—arguably most importantly—the loss of love, companionship, comfort, care, assistance, protection, affection, society, and moral support (among other types of damages).


Alexis Gamliel has what it takes to dig deep into the emotional components unique to wrongful death cases. She is willing to spend the time and express authentic compassion to understand the nature of the relationship between her clients and those who have passed. Alexis dedicates unwavering attention to learn about the rich stories of past memories to be able to effectively communicate the gravity of that loss for her clients. As Alexis herself has experienced these raw feelings following a loss, she serves as a strong advocate for those with similar experiences. Alexis offers clients utmost sensitivity and care during these excruciatingly painful times. She provides hope to those experiencing profound grief and leverages her litigation experience to hold wrongdoers responsible.

Loyalty to

Alexis serves as an ally for her clients and uses every tool in her arsenal to represent their best interests.


When interfacing with clients, judges, jurors, mediators, and fellow attorneys, Alexis values authenticity.

and Skill

Alexis litigates her cases with discernment, focused care, and experience-based insight.

Dedication to
the Profession

Through her work, Alexis demonstrates civility towards her adversaries and a deep respect for the profession.

Gamliel Law protects and defends the rights and safety of fellow community members.